3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

web hosting plan

Web hosting is a basic necessity in today’s digital world. The moment you decide to take your business online you need a web hosting plan. There are four types of web hosting plans generally available and you can choose the one based on your needs and requirements. However, there are few factors that one needs to consider while choosing a plan. These are:

  • Uptime

web hosting plan

This specifies the time for which your website will be up and running. This is most required because if your website is not available then it will impact both your brand image as well as the bottom line. Most of the service providers promise an uptime of 99.99%. It may sound almost perfect to be up and running for 99.99% of the time, but in reality, it measures to 8 hours of downtime in a year. If you are running a business that sees a lot of traffic, having a site down for 8 hours in a year can prove suicidal.

  • Bandwidth

web hosting plan

Next comes the speed with which the website or a webpage uploads. If users find that it is taking longer to upload, they will simply move on to some other site. Data suggests that users don’t have the patience to wait. Now bandwidth is the amount of data that a particular website can transfer in a particular time and is it is directly proportional to speed. So, if you have heavier pages on your website with loads of images or videos, you will need a greater bandwidth for it to load quickly and retain your audience.

  • Disk Space

web hosting plan

It refers to the amount of space that the service provider allots you to store your web pages. Depending on the type of hosting plan and package you opt for, you get this space, which is measured in megabytes. You should choose the right plan which offers you enough space as per your requirement.

These are three of the most important things to look for. Choosing the right plan as well as a trusted and reputed service provider is important for smooth sailing.


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