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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

January 23, 2019

Web hosting is a basic necessity in today’s digital world. The moment you decide to take your business online you need a web hosting plan. There are four types of web hosting plans generally available and you can choose the one based on your needs and requirements. However, there are few factors that one needs […]

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Models in Laser Technology

August 29, 2018

Light Amplification in Laser Crystals It is well known that light can be amplified by stimulated emission e.g. in laser crystals. In a laser crystal, additional effects such as gain saturation, gain guidingand diffraction also come into play. But how do all these effects combine in detail? A clear quantitative understanding of such processes is indispensable for the efficient development […]

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Technology in iphone smart watches

April 29, 2018

Nobody does Apple better than Apple. That’s why the Apple Watch Series 1 stands as the best smartwatch for iPhone users. Although there was a lot to love in the original Apple Watch, its software and user interface certainly left something to be desired. Now, Apple’s in its second iteration of the sought after wearable with two differing […]

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Four Positive Effects of Technology on our Brain

January 29, 2018

1. Our Memory: Many believe that cellphones and digital address books are reducing our ability to remember things. But is that really the case? While it is true that we don’t memorize- let alone remember- phone numbers, tasks to do and email ids anymore, it is true that we don’t really need to. Not having to […]

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